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We are a veteran family owned DIY Art Studio previously located in Tacoma, WA. During Covid, we decided to move back home to sunny Los Angeles, so now all of our products are packaged and shipped from California.
I started our company during the time of our daughter's autism diagnosis as a way to help support her creativity in a way that could cater to her specific abilities and fine motor delays. Our two children are the driving force behind everything we do, their boundless joy inspire us each day, reminding us of the precious gift of being able to create.
We cherish this gift by sharing our passion for arts and crafts with the community in every way we can. Whether it's through take and make craft kits, school fundraisers, in-person workshops, our subscription box, private parties or corporate events, our goal is to foster a love for creativity and connection that lasts a lifetime.
We believe that by nurturing the creative spirit in our community and in ourselves, we can build a brighter, more vibrant world.
Jolie McNulty
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